UNESCO Education Strategy 2014-2021

This publication is a result of extensive collective work by my colleagues in UNESCO’s Education Sector over the past two years. It elaborates on UNESCO’s Medium-Term Strategy (2014–2021), which was drafted by the Organization’s Secretariat and approved by the 37th session of its General Conference in November 2013. This publication elaborates on the education component of the Medium-Term Strategy. While continuing to focus efforts on the ‘unfinished business’ of EFA, such as literacy, teachers and vocational skills development, UNESCO will lead and advocate for strengthened action towards empowering learners to be creative and responsible citizens. In a world of change, when individuals are increasingly called upon to make a positive contribution to their communities through the promotion of peace, solidarity, and respect for others and the environment, I am convinced that Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education must also be considered crucial elements for well-rounded educational systems.

Qian Tang, Ph.D. Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 (All day)
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