National ICT Strategy and Plan NICI - 2015

  • The third plan, NICI III (NICI-2015 Plan), will focus on the development of services by leveraging ICTs to improve service delivery to citizens, as Rwanda approaches the fourth and final phase of the NICI process that will propel Rwanda to achieve Vision 2020 goals. Lessons learned (Appendix 1) during NICI II implementation have been widely considered in the development of NICIII. In this phase, emphasis will be placed on the development of services in the following five focus areas:

  • Skills development aims to develop a high quality skill and knowledge base leveraging ICT
  • Private Sector Development aims to develop a vibrant, competitive, and innovative ICT sector/ ICT enabled private sector
  • Community Development aims to empower and transform communities through improved access to information and services
  • E-Government (e-GOV) aims to improve government operational efficiency and service delivery
  • Cyber Security (CS) aims to secure Rwanda’s cyberspace and information assets
Policies & Plans
Monday, April 13, 2015 - 7pm
Ministry of ICT, Republic of Rwanda
Ministry of ICT, Republic of Rwanda
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