Turning On Mobile Learning in North America

Illustrative Initiatives and Policy Implications

This paper provides a survey of mobile learning policies and initiatives in the United States and Canada. Mobile learning efforts in both countries tend to be school- or district-led, although the United States government has initiated several national programmes that support and promote mobile learning, and a number of state and provincial programmes exist as well.

This paper draws on analysis of recent research, in-depth interviews and a survey of US states and Canadian provinces to identify the essential conditions for successful mobile learning programmes. These include visionary leadership and commitment, robust technology capacity to support changes, professional development geared to new learning approaches, scalability, and policies that promote and enhance mobile learning. The paper also discusses perceived barriers to mobile learning and describes likely scenarios for mobile learning in North America in the near future. The paper concludes by suggesting policy reforms and programme recommendations to facilitate mobile learning.

Surveys & Reports
Sunday, January 1, 2012 (All day)
Jennifer Fritschi, Mary Ann Wolf
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