Teacher Role Model Project (Pushpa's Story)

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Teacher Role Model Project
Pushpa's Story

The Teacher Role Model (TRM) Project uses a grassroots approach that aims to train and employ 400 young women as non-formal adult literacy and early education teachers. The women will undergo 6 months of training and learn about a variety of topics such as gender equity, women's empowerment, reproductive health and rights and adult education. Each woman will also receive a bicycle which will allow them to travel independently, empower them to think and feel confident and help them achieve greater respect within their community.

The TRM project is completely free of cost to all student teachers. What World Literacy asks in return from these young women and their families, is a six-month commitment of time and an appetite for learning, so that they can, in turn, put in place new literacy education programs in some of the poorest areas of Varanasi.

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