Singapore: Future Schools

The 21st Century Education system is at the confluence of two important paradigm shifts. Firstly, the focus of education has shifted from traditional knowledge acquisition in a teacher-centred classroom environment to one which focuses on the learner, encouraging collaboration, and emphasising awareness of the environment beyond the classrooms. Secondly, there has been a globally driven move towards pervasive technology which embraces infocomm technologies (ICT) as well as interactive digital media.

The Singapore government has realised the importance of leveraging these two megatrends, and has launched a series of three ICT in Education Masterplans over the past 13 years to establish a strong infrastructural foundation for ICT in schools, to use it to enhance educational processes. Most recently, the thrust is to have ICT enrich and transform the learning envi- ronments to equip students with the critical competencies and dispositions to succeed in a knowledge economy. 

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Friday, January 1, 2010 (All day)
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