Practising Gender Equality in Education

This book is designed to help non-government organisations (NGOs), practitioners, teachers, government officials, and researchers think about and develop their understanding of key issues in achieving gender equality in education. It has been compiled in order to support the development of policy and good practice for quality education for all, and to ensure that gender equality is a key part of quality education.

Drawing on the work of the Beyond Access, Gender, Education, and Development project, contributors discuss some of the key challenges in achieving gender equality in education, give examples of initiatives in a range of contexts, and make recommendations for action. They suggest that there is a more substantive goal to aim for than gender parity (i.e. the same proportion of girls and boys entering and completing schooling): we need to work towards an equitable education system which allows all individuals, irrespective of gender, to develop their potential. Includes chapters adapted from papers by Pauline Rose, Taylor Brown, Debbie Budlender, Sam Gibson, Nicola Swainson, and Janet Raynor. The case studies in this book are also available as individual papers


Authors: Aikman, Sheila; Unterhalter, Elaine; Publication date: 15 Jun 2007; ISBN: 9780855985981; Publisher: Oxfam GB, Practical Action Publishing; Series: Oxfam Programme Insights

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Sheila Aikman, Elaine Unterhalter
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