Practical Guide to Pilot Projects and Large-Scale Deployment of ICTs in the Education Sector

This document offers a series of recommendations concerning the planning and executing of pilot ICT projects in schools. It also provides guidance on how to interpret the information gathered from pilot experiences, to aid in the decision making process (whether to execute a larger-scale deployment or not) and the planning process.  

Ministries of Education (MoEs) are increasingly deploying ICT solutions and projects to educational institutions at regional and national levels. MoEs in general have little experience of nationwide deployments of technology and how to ensure that they are executed effectively. Such large-scale projects require careful analysis and planning, and sometimes include one or more “pilot” deployments. Pilots are generally considered a helpful learning tool before committing to larger scale deployment. However, GeSCI has found that most pilots are considered as the first phase of a progressive deployment and not as an opportunity to learn and improve the design of the Programme. 

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Friday, January 1, 2010 (All day)
Roxana Bassi
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