Open Educational Resources in Brazil: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Prospects for Development and Innovation

The study contains an overview of the Brazilian educational landscape, national educational policy and the strategies of ICT use in education. The author describes existing open digital content repositories with due emphasis on the copyright situation and considers several examples of successful international OER projects which involved Brazilian partners. Recommendations for expanding the use of OER proposed in this publication, in line with those stated in IITE policy briefs “Global trends in the development and use of open educational resources to reform educational practices” and “Open Educational Resources and Intellectual Property Rights”, cover policy, copyright, pedagogy and technology aspects. They encompass a variety of issues typical of basic and higher education sectors and can be applicable to other developing countries experimenting with the concept of OER and willing to develop a coherent approach to expand the use of open educational content in formal, nonformal and informal education.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 (All day)
Andreia Inamorato dos Santos
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