Open Education Research: From the Practical to the Theoretical

This chapter highlights the potential impact of OER on policy and on practice in education and points out that while there are weaknesses in the evidence base, there is a common position that allows progress. The way forward, then, is through finding a way to accept some of these partial pieces of evidence while making their basis clear and while understanding the contexts in which they can apply. Gathering such evidence will allow the OER movement to progress beyond practicalities and consider whether open approaches have the potential to support more innovative models of learning that have been proposed alongside the innovative models of operation.

The need to make connections in learning has influenced educational thinkers in recent times to go beyond individual teaching to the impact of culture and collective behaviour. Openness as a principle and as a practical mechanism is now giving us the ability to explore many of those ideas and offers an improved outlook for future approaches to learning.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (All day)
The Open University
Patrick McAndrew, Robert Farrow
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