Mobile Phones & Literacy: Empowerment in Women’s Hands

The purpose of the report is to understand the extent to which mobile phone technology enhances or develops literacy in ways that empower women and girls. Conceptually, the report is structured taking into consideration three main axes: literacy in its ample meanings and practices; mobile phone technology and mobile learning; the empowerment of women and girls in terms of human development. Mobile phone technology and literacy can potentially lead to varying degrees of empowerment in terms of women’s voice and participation and employment opportunities.

The report is based on a cross-case analysis of mobile phone learning projects in nine rural communities in sub-Sahara Africa (3 projects – Niger, Senegal, Somalia), Asia (5 projects – Afghanistan, Cambodia, Pakistan and two projects in India) and in the Arab States (Morocco). The analytical framework applied to the nine cases examines their outcomes and trends taking into consideration implementation contexts; conceptions of literacy and empowerment; mobile learning processes and sustainability. Sources of information for this analysis are mainly secondary ones including project-related reports/studies as well as peer- reviewed publications and conference proceedings. The projects focus to varying degrees on enhancing literacy in women and girls and on a wider target population (e.g. youth or adults) in which women represented a considerable proportion.

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Carolina Belalcázar
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