Knowledge Map: Costs

This reource is a briefing sheet by infoDev. These tools are intended to serve as quick snapshots of what the research literature reveals in a number of key areas. They are not meant to be an exhaustive catalog of everything that is known (or has been debated) about the use of ICTs in education in a particular topic; rather, taken together they are an attempt to summarize and give shape to a very large body of knowledge and to highlight certain issues in a format quickly accessible to busy policymakers. This resource focuses on three guding questions: 

  1. What is known about the cost of using ICTs in education? 
  2. What is known about costing and budgeting for ICT use in education? 
  3. What is known about the costs of ICT-enhanced distance learning?
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Saturday, January 1, 2005 (All day)
infoDev, World Bank
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