Intel Education Transformation Policy Guide

Intel seeks to support ICT policy and educational transformation by providing government agencies with an extensive and extensible set of policy development tools for connecting ICT, professional development, and research and evaluation.

The focus of this Guidebook is to create effective ICT policies and programs in education that support educational transformation, especially as this transformation contributes to social and economic development. The Guidebook helps with the practical issues of ICT implementation: kinds and number of devices, appropriate software, networking, budgeting, etc., as well as corollary issues related to technical support and teacher training. But because ICT is consid- ered in the broader context of educational transformation, policies and programs also address issues related to curriculum, peda- gogy, assessment, teacher professional development, and school organization and management. The Guidebook helps policymakers consider the ways that ICT can support changes in these areas that contribute to overall education transformation and social and economic development.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 (All day)
J. Enrique Hinostroza, Robert B. Kozma
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