Futures for Higher Education and ICT: Changes Due to the Use of Open Content

This publication presents the outcomes of the activities undertaken within the project “Access, Equity and Quality: Envisioning the Sustainable Future of Postsecondary Education in a Digital Age” initiated by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) in 2014. The project was aimed to strengthen UNESCO’s function as an international laboratory of ideas capable of rethinking education and a platform for the global debate and reflection on critical emerging trends and challenges. The project mobilized existing think tanks to determine the future agenda for information and communication technologies in postsecondary education and to contribute to shaping education policies based on research and foresight studies conducted by UNESCO IITE in collaboration with its partner-institutions: EDUCAUSE, the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), the New Media Consortium (NMC), Skoltech, and universities from many countries of the world. To identify how the changes in technological, social and economic contexts impact postsecondary education and derive the key implications for decision and policy makers at national and institutional levels the following questions were raised within the project: How will higher education evolve over the next 15 years? How might technological changes impact the society, labour market needs, higher education systems and institutions? What opportunities and challenges do they imply? How can and do countries and institutions address these changes? In what ways are the skills required by the market changing? How should higher education institutions (HEI) adapt to the changing learning needs? What impact will the availability of new technologies and online resources have on how people learn? Are national systems of recognition of learning outcomes and credentialing prepared to accommodate the results of open education? Will the system of higher education develop towards open online learning or campus-based learning?

The results of the project are meant to raise awareness of higher education stakeholders such as policy makers, managers of higher education institutions, academics, researchers and students, as well as of all readers interested in social issues.

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UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education
Svetlana Knyazeva
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