Digital Strategy for Schools (Ireland) 2015 - 2020


This Digital Strategy for Schools (the Strategy) sets out the vision of the Department of Education and Skills (the Department) to embed Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in teaching, learning and assessment in Irish primary and post-primary schools in the period 2015-2020. The Programme for Government (2011-2016) commits to integrating ICT more deeply into the education system. The Strategy maps out how this commitment can be realised and the ways in which ICT can be used by schools to broaden and enhance teaching, learning, and assessment practices. This Strategy endorses the definition of ICT as “a diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information”. While this Strategy acknowledges the emergence of newer terms, such as digital technologies, digital learning tools, digital devices and digital learning, the term ICT is used throughout this document.

The Digital Strategy for Schools provides a rationale and a Government action plan for integrating ICT into teaching, learning and assessment practices in schools over the next five years. This Strategy builds on previous strategies in the area of ICT integration and it takes cognisance of current education reforms that are already underway within the education system at primary and postprimary level. This Strategy focuses on the schools’ sector and the proposed actions are designed to embed ICT more deeply across the system to enhance the overall quality of Irish education. Care has been taken, in developing the Strategy, to ensure that the actions align with and complement strategies and initiatives to support digital learning in the further education and higher education sectors.

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