Cambodia: Education Strategic Plan 2009-2013

To ensure consistency in terms of hierarchy, role, substance, coherence and synchronization between the “Rectangular Strategy Phase 2”, the “National Strategic Development Plan update 2009-2013”, Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2009-2013 was reviewed to make improvements in the education sector.

The ESP 2009-2013 review revealed changes and indicated that this was an important stage that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport shall continue reforming the education, youth and sport sector in Cambodia in line with other reforms of the Royal Government. In the five-year-period of ESP implementation, MOEYS and its development partners have made significant improvements in providing equitable access to education, improving quality and the efficiency of education and education management.

ESP 2009-2013 was formulated to ensure linkages between education policies and strategies with development programs and actions as well as between planning and budgeting. In this phase, the Ministry intends to continue to give highest priority to equitable access with high quality education, especially basic education, in order to realize the National Education For All (EFA) Plan by 2015. ESP 2009-13 also gives greater emphasis to expanding early childhood education, expanding non-formal education, technical and vocational training and expanding opportunities to access secondary education and post-secondary education through the continued and improved partnership among RGC, development partners, private sector, non-governmental organizations, communities and parents.

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Friday, January 1, 2010 (All day)
Kingdom of Cambodia, Minstry of Education
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