Buyers’ Guide for ICTs in Education

With the continuing move towards the integration of ICTs into education systems, governments worldwide are having to acquire PCs, peripherals, software and services on a massive scale. This adds to the complexity of bidding processes. In our experience, this type of process, in general, presents particular challenges and government officials are usually confronted by a number of issues and questions including:  

  • What type of equipment to buy?
  • Which brands/technologies offer the best characteristics and the longest life expectancy for the lowest price?
  • What types of operating system and software have to be installed and who will do this task?
  • Who will do the transport and related logistics, and the equipment installation at each destination?
  • Who will do the maintenance and technical support needed over the years?
  • How to organize the bidding process?
  • How to estimate the approximate budget needed for the bid?
  • How to evaluate the different offers in a transparent and efficient way?
This document is a summary of our recommendations for Ministries of Education when carrying out a tendering process to acquire ICTs for Education. It contains a series of suggestions which each country can adapt to their specific needs.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009 (All day)
Roxana Bassi
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