Open Educational Resources in Poland: Challenges and Opportunities

The study contains a description of the national educational policy and the structure of the recently reformed educational system of the country, national programmes and projects aimed at digitization of schools, top-down and bottom-up activities in the development of Open Educational Resources; an overview of Polish projects in open education and recommendations for development and use of Open Educational Resources. The country case revealed strong opposition of commercial publishers to the development and use of open digital content, in particular, electronic textbooks, their willingness to retain the market of textbooks and educational materials for primary, secondary and university education. It is noteworthy that teachers are willing to use digital resources available online but, as it happens in many other countries, are not aware of copyright issues. The programme “Digital School” is a now available in beta version This is a good example of how, despite all difficulties, OER can be promoted at the national level.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (All day)
Kamil Śliwowski, Karolina Grodecka
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