ICTs in education: Policies and plans worldwide

This document is a compilation of available worldwide ICT4E policies and plans, at both a national and Ministry of Education level (where available). 

Policy is a set of principles or a broad course of action that guides the behaviour of governments, organizations, corporations and individuals. It bridges the gap between the vision of where we want to be and the plans that enable us to get there. For governments, policy is a tool to promote national vision and the basis for the legislation and regulation through which it is implemented.

National ICT policy exploits information and communication technologies to further national economic and social goals. It matches the economic and social environment in which it is to be implemented. ICT policies differ from country to country depending upon national priorities, the country’s level of development, the extent of ICT infrastructure, geography and demographics and the extent of regional integration. Some common principles guide all good ICT policy.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 (All day)
Roxana Bassi
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