ICT Standards and Competencies from the pedagogical dimension: A perspective from levels of ICT adoption in teachers’ education practice

The training proposal based on Standards and Competencies in information and communications technologies (ICTs) from the pedagogical dimension presented herein is based on the ongoing dialogue between teacher training and research experiences relating to the reflective use of ICTs. The greatest challenge of this training proposal is to transcend the use of ICTs and focus on teaching practice as the most important process to be transformed.


This proposal’s purpose is to provide a vision of the quality training that today’s teacher needs to face the challenge of teaching in a knowledge and information society. This aims to be a training benchmark for improving the quality of education in schools at all levels based on levels of adoption of ICTs and their educational uses.


This document describes the contextual elements behind the proposal; presents the model of ICT Standards and Competencies from the pedagogical dimension based on levels of ICT adoption, their meaning and use within the six-phase Con-TIC-Go training route; and outlines the methodological resources that support the training route and the scope and limitations of the proposal.

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