The eLearning Africa Report 2015

As technology continues to drive development in Africa and fuel the economic growth of economies, the eLearning Africa Report 2015 helps paint the picture of the pace of change and how different sectors can accelerate the upward momentum.

With contributions from practitioners, policymakers, teachers, business leaders, activists and authors working throughout Africa, it provides a comprehensive overview of the impact technology is having on education and development throughout the continent.

Available free to download, the eLearning Africa Report 2015 combines interviews, features, literature and opinion pieces including:

  • Former child soldier turned rapper, actor and activist Emmanuel Jal on access to education in conflict-affected countries
  • Interviews with M-Pesa pioneer Michael Joseph and Wikimedia’s Executive Director Lila Tretikov
  • Author, Editor and Director of the Pan-African Baraza Firoze Manji on reinventing Africa’s future
  • An analysis of Africa’s eLearning readiness by UNECA's Aida Opoku-Mensah Poetry from Bobana Badisang
  • 55 individual country profiles
  • Reference guide to ICT and education funding, plus the latest eLearning statistics
  • Results of our comprehensive survey of education and ICT professionals, universities, health and agricultural workers
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Thursday, January 1, 2015 (All day)
eLearning Africa
H. Elletson, A. Burgess
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